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On May 30th, 2018, the 24th edition of the “Golden Paragraphs” Awards took place.

Jolanta Budzowska04 June 2018Komentarze (0)

Without false modesty I am proud to say that one of the awards has been presented to me in the Best General Counsel category

As the Daily Legal Newspaper (“Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”) writes:

“Golden Paragraphs” is an annual award presented to individuals who, over the past year, have had the greatest influence on the quality of our law and the condition of the judicature. It is granted to authorities, most prominent representatives of the legal professions – judges, advocates, prosecutors and general counsels, who uncompromisingly defend the letter of the law in conflict situations – individuals who are courageous in both their public and professional lives.


Złote Paragrafy 2018

The Chapter has recognised my professional activity as a trial lawyer specialising in medical negligence nad patients’ rights cases on a daily basis. While I remain grateful for this recognition, I nevertheless believe that this award should go to each and every injured patient and their family members – they are the courageous ones, making the decision to fight for justice in court and taking the burden that comes with this decision onto their shoulders.

It is thanks to them that the safety of the treatment process has improved greatly in these past years and the patients is no longer perceived as the object of the treatment, but rather as its subject. A subject to be reckoned with.

The selection of Mr. Stanisław Zabłocki, a Supreme Court Judge, as a laureate of the Best Judge category undoubtedly indicates the rank of the awards ceremony. When accepting the laurel, judge Zabłocki said:

I treat this award as symbolically presented to one of the judges in recognition of the merits of the entire judicial community who has been fighting for righteous law over the past year.

Prosecutor Bartosz Biernat has been presented an award in the Best Prosecutor category. Mr. Biernat’s actions have led to the acquittal of Tomasz Komenda who has spent 18 years in prison after being wrongfully sentenced.

I share my title ex aequo with Atty. Karolina Kędziora, the President of the Polish Society of Anti Discrimination Law. The awards for Best Advocate have been received by Atty. Martin Pnfur and Atty. Bogumił Kuś who have been fighting for the rights of Polish entrepreneurs in Germany.

Judge Zabłocki has since been so kind as to write a few words to me after the ceremony:

Mrs. Budzowska, please accept my sincerest congratulations for the award presented to you. You are doing a splendid job! And all for the benefit of the injured party. Once again I express     great appreciation.

Thank you, judge Zabłocki for these incredibly kind words. Above all, however, I thank all injured patients: for believing that what we do together makes sense.

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