A recent amendment of the Polish Civil Code, which entered into force on 9 July 2018, introduces some important changes to how limitation functions under Polish law. The basic limitation period for all claims – unless otherwise stipulated by another provision – has been shortened from 10 to 6 years. This particular change does not […]

Without false modesty I am proud to say that one of the awards has been presented to me in the Best General Counsel category As the Daily Legal Newspaper (“Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”) writes: “Golden Paragraphs” is an annual award presented to individuals who, over the past year, have had the greatest influence on the quality […]

How informed are you?

Michał Krzanowski        10 May 2018        Comments (0)

Many medical negligence cases come with an additional layer. On one hand, there is the alleged negligence itself, on the other – the matter of the patient’s consent to be treated, and in particular, whether the consent was informed. Under Polish law, the rule is that a physician may provide healthcare services only upon obtaining […]

The BFP law firm now in the Legal 500

Michał Krzanowski        24 April 2018        Comments (0)

The Editorial for the Legal 500 EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) 2018 has just recently been published. For the very first time, the Personal Injury Team at the BFP law firm has taken part in the research, and we were very happy and proud to find out that the firm has been recognized in […]

Redress for non-material damage suffered by the victim’s closest relatives

Jolanta Budzowska        29 March 2018        Comments (0)

In one of my cases I am representing clients who are the parents of a child suffering from cerebral palsy – an unfortunate result of medical negligence during childbirth. The parents are pursuing redress for their strictly non-pecuniary damages resulting from the severe disability of their child (in particular, an infringement of their personal rights […]