July 2019

Private expert report – the legal nature and the costs

Jolanta Budzowska        17 July 2019        Comments (0)

A private expert report is a statement based on expertise that is not obtained from an expert appointed by the court. Rather, it is drafted upon the party’s request in order to assess the chances of winning the case, and thus often determines whether the proceedings will be started at all. Given the complex nature […]

Medical tourism: a 7-step guide for tourists injured in Poland (Part 1)

Gabriela Lenarczyk        04 July 2019        Comments (0)

Medical tourism is increasingly popular, as it is now easier than ever to both travel and to find connections with various healthcare services providers all around the world. Inevitably, for some of the patients the trip will not end well, and they may end up wishing that they had stayed home instead… This part of […]