The personal injury team at the BFP law firm specializes in every kind of personal injury case where the injury occurred on the territory of Poland. We have represented, and are still representing, hundreds of clients across Poland, as well as residents of other countries, that seek compensation for their injury resulting from medical negligence, road traffic accidents, aviation accidents, defective products, and others. [Read more.]

July 2016

The subject of Great Britain saying farewell to the European Union and the conditions on which it intends to do so to this day remains on the front pages of newspapers. It is a matter which the Brits, the Poles and the citizens of the remaining EU Member States care about on an almost equal […]

Medical negligence cases are the bread and butter for the Personal Injury Team at BFP. It has to be said however that cross-border medical negligence cases are overall far more scarce. It is never easy to write about such cases, as usually the consequences of medical negligence are dire. Nevertheless, we will do our best […]

In one of our cross-border road traffic accident cases, the personal injury team represented a client who was injured in a serious RTA that occurred in 2012 in Gdynia, Poland. Our client in this case was a citizen of the United States of America and a soldier of the elite Navy SEAL force. He was […]

On the wings of justice

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As far as aviation personal injury cases are concerned, undoubtedly the most important and prominent one for our personal injury team would be the case of the emergency landing of a Boeing 767 aircraft at the Okęcie Airport in Warsaw in 2011. The aircraft, piloted by Captain Tadeusz Wrona, had a belly landing on 1 […]

Too much metal will hurt you

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Product liability cases are probably among the most diverse types of personal injury cases; perhaps even the single most diverse. Nevertheless, it is easy to identify that our personal injury team has dealt with one specific kind of defective product above all others, that being hip implants. Several defective models of hip implants were officially […]