January 2020

Extrajudicial compensation proceedings for injured patients in Sweden and in Poland

Jolanta Budzowska        19 January 2020        Comments (0)

In the face of widespread criticism of the activities of the District Committees Adjudicating on Medical Events (Wojewódzkie Komisje ds. Orzekania o Zdarzeniach Medycznych) as well as considering new developments to investigate alternatives to judicial proceedings, it is worth to consider reasons why a formula of compensating personal injury, intentionally modelled on (among others) the […]

Irish judge will join protest march in Poland

Gabriela Lenarczyk        09 January 2020        Comments (0)

The ties between Polish and Irish legal professionals continue to strengthen, as the Association of Judges of Ireland decides to show their solidarity with the judges of Poland in the upcoming protest against highly controversial reforms of the Polish judiciary system.   The protest concerns legislation changes that are currently being processed through the Polish […]