About us

The blog you are currently reading is a work of passion of a group of like-minded professionals that due to a strong calling – or in some cases simply thanks to a favorable coincidence – have all made their ambition to assist those aggrieved that lost what matters most – their health.

The Personal Injury Team at the BFP Law Firm has managed to close hundreds of personal injury cases of all kinds, from road traffic accidents and medical negligence to product liability and aviation accidents, with many more still underway. We have been fortunate enough to help several victims during  a trying moment of their lives, but we do not want to leave it there. We now wish to share our knowledge and experience as best as we can with you, our reader.

First and foremost we hope that this blog will provide guidance to individuals that find themselves without a doubt in a most unenviable position. Not only are they suffering from an injury, but they also often encounter significant difficulties whilst trying to obtain fair compensation, which is a result of the cross-border nature of their claims.

We also believe that by lending our expertise on the Polish law to the lawyers and law firms that represent these individuals in their country of residence, we can make that goal of fair compensation at the very least easier to achieve.

If however we cannot help you in any such meaningful way, we hope you will still find reading this blog equally enjoyable as we found creating it.


Practice Areas

The personal injury team at the BFP law firm specializes in every kind of personal injury case where the injury occurred on the territory of Poland. We have represented, and are still representing, hundreds of clients across Poland, as well as residents of other countries, that seek compensation for their injury resulting from medical negligence, road traffic accidents, aviation accidents, defective products, and others.

The team is lead by Mrs. Jolanta Budzowska, partner and legal counsel, and throughout the recent years has managed to secure for the firm’s clients some of the highest awards for personal injury known to the Polish judicature.

The personal injury team is also heavily involved with the firm’s English Desk, collaborating on a regular basis with law firms from other countries which are seeking advice on Polish law, as well as other kinds of assistance, in cross-border personal injury cases.


 Our Personal Injury Team:

Jolanta Budzowska – Legal Counsel / Partner

Dorota Kulig – Legal Counsel / Personal Injury Team / BFP Law Firm

Bartosz Kałucki – Legal Counsel / Senior Associate / Personal Injury Team / BFP Law Firm

Karolina Kolary – Legal Counsel / Junior Partner

Michał Krzanowski – Legal Counsel / Senior Associate

Andrzej Kusch – Legal Counsel Trainee / Personal Injury Team / BFP Law Firm

Karolina Mazur – Legal Counsel Trainee / Personal Injury Team / BFP Law Firm

Gabriela Nadybska – Young Associate

Iwona Świętek – Legal Counsel / Personal Injury Team / BFP Law Firm