Cross-border cases

How can we assist you?

The personal injury team at the BFP law firm provides assistance to law firms and clients from other countries in cross-border cases on a regular basis.

We represent the injured through all the steps of the way to obtaining fair compensation, in all cases where injury occurred on the territory of Poland.

The team is also experienced in providing:

  • written advice in English on all matters involving the Polish law, including but not limited to:

– an assessment of the quantum of damages in a specific case (both pecuniary and non – pecuniary),

– the recoverable heads of loss,

– the statute of limitation,

– interest,

– matters related to evidence,

– the direct right of action,

and many others.

The scope of the available advice is not limited to tort law, as the personal injury team has often assisted in matters related to criminal law or family law, which sometimes prove crucial in cross-border personal injury cases.

  • expert reports on matters involving the Polish law for foreign courts.
  • assistance in matters related to evidence, such as:

– obtaining police reports, medical records, and other documents,

– providing information about the registered name and address
of a defendant,

– identifying domestic medical experts who may prepare expert reports on liability,

and many others.

Moreover, as the team continuously strives to improve, we are also open to requests for any different kinds of assistance in personal injury cross-border cases.