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Jolanta Budzowska17 July 2017Komentarze (0)

Today I received an email that read:

I am delighted to advise that the claim of XY has today settled for the total sum of ŁXX,YYY.

Your considered advices and professional guidance has undoubtedly assisted in achieving this settlement.

I am grateful for your help and look forward to working with you again soon.

It gives a sense of fulfilment and gratification not only to me, but first and foremost to the attorneys who worked on this case. This time, my role was different than usual – instead of working as an attorney, I performed the role of an expert in the field of Polish law. I am extremely glad that my expertise served as a reliable piece of evidence, and helped in the process of working out a solution beneficial to both parties.

This was a cosmetic surgery medical malpractice case, and since the British citizen underwent surgery in a Polish clinic, Polish substantive law was applied to asses the claim.


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