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Insurers will learn more about accidents

Jolanta Budzowska16 January 2024Komentarze (0)

In 2018, the Insurance Guarantee Fund (UFG), in cooperation with the Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau, developed a solution that allows insurers to access important data from police notes regarding road traffic accidents, including the time, place, circumstances, drivers, and vehicles involved.

Today insurers have access to an even wider range of data, including information on injuries, fatalities, and driving privileges. Insurers will also learn whether the drivers were in a state after the use of alcohol, in a state of insobriety, or after using narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or substitutes – as defined by the Act of Law of 29 July 2005 on Counteracting Drug Addiction. As the UFG points out, this is important for the market because incidents that occur when under the influence are excluded from the insurer’s liability.

The extended data scope applies to road traffic incidents that occur from 29 September 2023. The UFG tool provides access to police notes data only for insurance companies with whom the holders or drivers of the vehicles involved in the incident have entered into a contract of insurance.


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