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Compensation for severe brain injury in a road traffic accident

Dorota Kulig03 January 2017Komentarze (0)

The human life has a tendency to surprise us with unexpected changes. Unfortunately, one of our Clients is the best example that you should always expected the unexpected. Our Client made a decision to change something in his life, to have a fresh start. In his case the said change involved moving to the United Kingdom in aim to find a brighter future. However, he did not get the chance to enjoy this change for too long. Just after a few days of his stay in the UK he was involved in the car accident which resulted in the severe brain injury that made him incapable of having a fully independent life. Our Client required and still requires assistance in managing his affairs. Accordingly our Client was partially incapacitated and his mother acts as his guardian.

Our Client demanded a compensation for his injury from the insurer in the United Kingdom. His mother instructed one of the biggest law firms in the United Kingdom to handle the relevant proceedings. Our law firm was supporting them with the Polish aspects of the case.

The numerous experts reports, issued during the proceedings, confirmed vast and serious damage of our Client. As a result of the abovementioned reports and after protracted negotiations the insurer agreed to compensate our Client on a 100 % basis. Our Client was obliged to obtain the relevant approval of the proposed compromise with the insurer from the Polish Family Court. Therefore we have filed the appropriate petition, which resulted in obtaining the positive court decision in respect of the approval of the terms of settlement. Then, after gaining the approval of the UK Royal Court, the insurer paid various lump sums for compensation, for a total about £1,800,000 plus a yearly payment of about £60,000 until the rest of our Client’s life. We are delivering legal support to our Client and his mother, particularly we assist him in managing his financial situation.

Many of us may think that the amount of our Client’s compensation is significant and it will satisfy him fully. I would probably agree with them if I just saw the amount without knowing the impact of the accident in our Client’s life. However, we need to ask ourselves if we can put the price on a human’s life which in this case has changed so drastically. Of course the money will not restore his health, but it will most probably make his life a little bit easier.

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