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Irish judge will join protest march in Poland

Gabriela Lenarczyk09 January 2020Komentarze (0)

The ties between Polish and Irish legal professionals continue to strengthen, as the Association of Judges of Ireland decides to show their solidarity with the judges of Poland in the upcoming protest against highly controversial reforms of the Polish judiciary system.

The protest concerns legislation changes that are currently being processed through the Polish parliament, and which, in the view of the Polish judiciary, seriously infringe on its political independence. Among others, direct comparisons are made to appropriate provisions of the law from the communist times of the Polish People’s Republic, in order to show that the prospective changes that are now about to be implemented are indeed frighteningly similar to the regulations of old.

To manifest their disapproval, the Polish judiciary will take part in a silent march on Saturday, 11 January 2020, in Warsaw. As it has now been announced, they will not stand alone, and among many of their foreign colleagues, Mr Justice John MacMenamin, representing the AJI, will also join the march.

Irish judge will join protest march over curbs on Polish judiciary

No doubt the judges of Poland, and in fact all Polish citizens who value a politically independent judiciary system, need all the help that they can get in their efforts to convince the government to forego the controversial reform. In that light, signs of solidarity, such as shown by the AJI, are undoubtedly more than welcome.

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