Road traffic accidents

The many benefits of being a personal injury lawyer

Michał Krzanowski        11 August 2017        Comments (0)

There’s no mistaking it: a lawyer’s job can be a drudge at times. Fortunately though, there are also days that make up for all that, and more. For me one of such days was yesterday, when I had the pleasure to meet with the Members of one of America’s greatest bands – The Dillinger Escape […]

Compensation for severe brain injury in a road traffic accident

Dorota Kulig        03 January 2017        Comments (0)

The human life has a tendency to surprise us with unexpected changes. Unfortunately, one of our Clients is the best example that you should always expected the unexpected. Our Client made a decision to change something in his life, to have a fresh start. In his case the said change involved moving to the United […]

XVIIth annual European Traffic Law Days

Jolanta Budzowska        07 November 2016        Comments (0)

This year’s XVIIth annual European Traffic Law Days conference was held in Warsaw, and I couldn’t be happier to finally be able to walk to ‘work’! On that note, I believe the Institute for European Traffic Law’s choice of the debate’s location was not coincidental. On one hand, the number of accidents and collisions caused […]

Sometimes it does not matter how well you are trained…

Jolanta Budzowska        08 July 2016        Comments (0)

In one of our cross-border road traffic accident cases, the personal injury team represented a client who was injured in a serious RTA that occurred in 2012 in Gdynia, Poland. Our client in this case was a citizen of the United States of America and a soldier of the elite Navy SEAL force. He was […]