Contributory negligence in road traffic accidents

Anna Miśtal-Kluś        15 March 2017        Comments (0)

dr Anna Miśtal – Kluś A road traffic accident is often a reason for a civil claim of a victim against the insurer of the car which was driven by the accident’s perpetrator. The victim may claim for redress, compensation and  pension because of harm  and damage he or she has suffered in the result […]


Jolanta Budzowska        01 December 2016        Comments (0)

Serious accidents resulting in brain injury may cause disturbances in the victims’ mental health, which are often atypical. If the deterioration of mental health is grave enough to impede the ability to manage affairs, under the Polish law the victim will lose the capacity to perform acts in law. What does this mean in practical […]

Let’s talk about skiing after Bombardino…

Jolanta Budzowska        21 November 2016        Comments (0)

Like many Polish skiing enthusiasts, in November I usually spend a week at one of the Austrian glaciers. Italian Dolomites are very busy from December until March, leaving France and Switzerland a little less occupied by the Poles. I was catching up on my reading on the way to Sölden - crooked lawyer style, that is with […]

Perilous holidays

Aleksandra Dudzik        20 October 2016        Comments (0)

We all want to enjoy perfect holidays. Surely everyone’s expectations can be a bit different, but at the end of the day all of us want to return with fond memories, not to mention a much needed burst of energy. Unfortunately, that is nothing more than an idealistic vision. In truth, any vacation is always […]

Settlement woes

Jolanta Budzowska        11 October 2016        Comments (0)

A couple days ago I came across an interesting article about settlement issues in medical negligence cases in the UK (link below). It is claimed by the Society of Clinical Injury Lawyers chairman that the NHSLA (the National Health Service Litigation Authority) settles 76% of all cases that could have been settled pre-proceedings, post-proceedings. Later on, […]